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Auction Details

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    When you successfully place a bid, the top of the bid block on the lot page will turn green. If you are outbid, it will turn red. We’ll let you know if this happens. Any bid you place is binding. If you win or you have been out bidded on the lot, we'll send you an email to let you know.

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Auction Details

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We charge a 10% PLUS VAT  commission fee,  of the  winning bid. Commission fees are used for extensively promoting our auctions, among other things.

You only pay commision if we sell your products

The advantages of using H.Preston auctions

  • High

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Just email me with your list and how much you would like to sell for And I will get back to you

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Let’s explain Automatic Auction using an example and winning cases.

About Automatic Auction

1. When you(buyer) place an automatic bid with the maximum amount that you want to pay for the product.

2. The other bidders don’t know about other’s bidder automatic bid if disabled by admin.

3. The other bidders place bids on based on the current high bid. Bid will be placed until the bid meets the reserve price or until it expires.

5. If another bidder places the same maximum automatic bid or higher, then you will be notified by mail, so that you can place another bid.

6. If Your maximum bid is not exceeded by another automatic bidder or current bid, then you will win the bid at the current bid.


1. When buyer-A place an automatic bid with the maximum amount £100 that you want to pay for the product-X (reserve price-£60 and current bid price-£10).

2. The other bidders don’t know about other’s bidder automatic bid if disabled by admin.

3. The other bidder B place bids of amount £12 on based on the current high bid. The bid will be placed until the bid meets the reserve price or until it expires. now if many bidders placed the bid and now the current bid amount is $62.

Now winning case for bidder

Case A

If at this position bid expires then buyer A will win the bid at £62 amount because he placed the highest amount bid and no one exceeded this amount.

Case B

If another buyer C places the maximum amount £110 as an automatic bid, then buyer A will be notified by mail, so that he can place another bid and if buyer A doesn’t place any maximum bid then buyer C will win the bid at cost £62.

Case C

If another buyer D places maximum amount £115 as normal bid then buyer C will be exceeded by current bid and he will be notified and if buyer C doesn’t place any maximum bid then buyer D will win the bid at cost £115.