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Welcome to H Preston Media
Established in 1961

partnership Mr John P Preston Mrs B.E.J Preston

H.Preston Media have been the following Authorised Dealers Since 1961 Sony, Panasonc, Canon, Black Magic Design Vinten Manfrotto Sennhiser and many more, We always try our best to offer the best Price the Best Service, the Best Back up, the Best expert Advise and the Best possible Show roopms here in the Midlands See you soon.

Price Match, When we can.  Email Details and we will get back to you asap with our best offer jpreston@hpreston.co.uk

We will do our very best to match or beat the price on most products offered by a UK based dealer that are selling officially imported or manufactured UK stock with full manufacturer warranty and is authorised to do so by the relevant manufacturer

Serving the global professional and broadcast video market. H Preston offer competitive prices on a wide range of video and audio products and supply major broadcast and cable companies throughout the world.

H Preston have a large show room full of new and second hand equipment situated in Malvern, Worcestershire. We also have an office in London and Glasgow.

Can't see the equipment you want? No problem, H Preston Professional Media can find what you want using their vast product database.

H Preston welcome enquiries from educational organisations and are approved educational suppliers of equipment and advice.

H Preston accept all major credit cards, Pay Pal and extensively use an international courier firm to deliver worldwide.

We pledge to match the price on most products offered by a UK based dealer that are selling officially imported or manufactured UK stock with full manufacturer warranty and is authorised to do so by the relevant manufacturer in the UK. Please email the details of where you have found the cheaper item and how much for to jpreston@hpreston.co.uk and we will get back to you with our very best deal.

To contact H Preston Media email jpreston@hpreston.co.uk or andyd@hpreston.co.uk

We have Show rooms as follows

H Preston Media, Malvern (Head office)
103, Worcester Road, Malvern, Worcs. WR14 1EP
Tel:-01684 575486    Fax:-01684 575594

Opening hours : Monday-Friday 9.00am TO 5.30pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday


H Preston Media,

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On my way back from Coventry last month I took a slight detour to see H Preston Media in Malvern. I was met by Mrs Preston and Graham, John and the two Andy’s were still packing the van at the end of ProVideo 2010. I have known John Preston for the best part of twenty years and have been buying and exchanging kit all that time.

It’s important to realise that Preston’s are a Sony Specialist Dealer and hold a Panasonic Broadcast account, this takes Preston’s miles above the internet box pushers as Preston’s only sell UK/European stock. Many of the substandard box pushers sell American or Japanese camcorders and that’s important if anything goes wrong…NO ONE will entertain you if you buy a camcorder that is not UK/European in origin. Preston’s will only give technical assistance to genuine customers and I can personally vouch for this…many end users are only too grateful for a person on the other end of the phone at 7pm at night going over a technical problem with them…you do not get that level of service from saving a few pounds at the box pushers web site !

I had never been to the Preston shop in all that time and decided this was the year to do so. Preston’s as it is known affectionately is tucked away under the Malvern Hills and is a lot posher than I was expecting, I had envisaged a wee grungy shop in the middle of a busy high street with boxes and kit all over the place.

It is a very clean, modern shop and lots of bits and pieces to look at with a 65″ Panasonic 3D Plasma television sitting proud at the front of the shop. Up until October I had mainly delt with the shop staff over the telephone with two people in particular, Mrs Preston and Graeme of whom I had never seen in all my 20 years of trading with them, though Graeme being one of the newer members has only been around for about 6 years.

I case many of you don’t know the letter “H” stands for Horace, John’s late father who was a television repair man and started the ball rolling. Mr Preston by all accounts was a character and a good laugh, he was always joking with John and Andy Davis the two lads at that time, unfortunately Mr Preston died when he was a young man at 50 leaving Mrs Preston to run the shop with John. Times must have been hard for both of them but they carried on making the business the success that you see today…a family business in the true meaning of the word “family”.

The Malvern team consists of John, Mrs Preston, Andy Davis, Andy Guest and Graeme…John man’s the London branch at least 3 days a week when time allows…I am the newest member of the team in our Glasgow office and I am part time due to work commitments and serve as their technical and web manager.

Working as a DP/Editor allows customers to have the confidence they can speak to someone who knows the game from the coalface and my 25 years professional experience in the video industry won’t go to waste.

I had a lovely 2 hours at Malvern meeting Mrs Preston, Chelsea and Graeme…Preston’s is unique in video retail as they have a great work ethic and a great family run business, I know of no other video retailer that has been around for well over 20 years and still employ the same friendly staff as Preston’s do and that’s to be commended in these hard times.



So why did I pick H Preston Media…read on…

Preston’s as they are affectionately known as have been selling Pro video kit for over 20 years selling Sony and Panasonic gear plus all the accessories that no one has to offer or keep in stock.

J-PrestonEven today if you phone the London office you can speak with the boss, John Preston himself and that’s what stands Preston’s head and shoulders above the rest is the fact that the boss mucks in and is not hidden away in an office.

Preston’s are a friendly bunch to deal with and the first Pro video retailer to offer trade in’s. This one feature has given John and his staff the edge and has kept a loyal band of professional cameramen happy for a good number of years.

When I phone up Preston’s I am usually recognised by one of the boy’s and giving my credit card details can have a badly needed piece of kit up to Glasgow the next day.

Preston’s is all about comradeship to old regulars like myself, having the odd joke over the phone and having a laugh with John’s mother talking about her wee dog Chelsea who frequents the shop in Malvern.

John’s father, the late John Preston snr. started the business in 1961 selling electrical equipment to evolve into a thriving pro video retailer with 2 shops, Malvern and London.

Well done John, the boys, Mrs Preston and her wee dog ‘Chelsea’ and the accounts dept for all your hard work and the well deserved title of “Best Pro Retailer of 2009”

PS. I have to put my hand up as having an interest with Preston’s as I produce video reviews for them but that was only to address the balance against one other internet/shop retailer.

History So Far 

H Preston buys 200 Sony cameras

Sony specialist retailer H Preston has ordered more than 200 HVR-Z7E (handheld) and HVR-S270E (shoulder-mount) cameras at Broadcast Live and Video Forum.

The HVR-Z7E and HVR-S270E have received overwhelming interest at the show according to marketing manager Carl Pring.

He said this was largely owing to their two key features: interchangeable lenses and the fact that they are hybrid solid state and tape cameras.

“Products of this sort normally start at£8,000 - these cameras are both sub£5k,” he said.

The demand for high quality low-cost cameras that are familiar [both cameras have many of the same features as the popular Z1] is huge according to Pring - the company currently has over 1,000 back orders in the UK.

Other dealers have also shown great interest including Tim Sparrock, Sales Director of Visual Impact, who has ordered 100 units of each of model.

“This marks a significant investment in our hire fleet both to refresh the products we currently have and to invest in the latest technology enabling us to compete in several new market sectors”, said Sparrock.

Both cameras will begin shipping next month.

Sony celebrates key UK successes

Sony has announced a number of significant wins in the UK media and broadcast market, with an impressive number of orders coming from its Specialist Dealer network and beyond for both tape and file-based HD camcorders, writes Andy Stout.
Jan 10, 2008
H.Preston, another Sony Specialist Dealer, H Preston Professional Video, which has a core customer base consisting primarily of universities, and other educational institutions, has placed an order for 100 HVR-S270E and 100 HVR-7ZE camcorders. John Preston, general manager, H Preston Professional Video commented: "We are pleased to invest in these new models. The HDV range will appeal to around 80% of our customers from universities to educational suppliers. The high quality picture images and workflow benefits make it an ideal solution and is why we have made a valuable commitment to this technology."
H.Preston Sells over 500 Panasonic AG-AF101 Camcorders
 John Preston said “We are so committed to this new camcorder as we feel it has the potential to rock the video market to it’s core. Usually when Sony or Panasonic announce a new camcorder we get cameramen looking to update but this time we have been inundated not only with pre-orders but companies from Europe looking to buy the new AF101 camera.

“Our technical and working DP Philip Johnston has been put in charge of all orders and is sourcing all the accessories from around the globe to make sure we have all the adaptors in place.”

“Mike Tapa from MTF is stepping up production of his Nikon to micro 4/3″ adaptor along with his PL to micro 4/3” plate that will cater for at least 60% of the marketplace and a company in the USA who are producing an amazing Canon adaptor that will not only pull focus but will allow wirefree aperture as well.

“We are making sure we also have spare batteries in stock as this will be an essential purchase beyond the camcorder itself and we can place a special order for PL lenses or Micro 4/3″ Panasonic or Olympus lenses as needed.”

“On Tuesday the 7th of December we have an open day at our Hampton show room in London and we shall be showing off the new Panasonic AF101 from 4-7pm, we will also have an MTF Nikon to Micro 4/3” adaptor if you want to see your Nikon glass on the 101.

HDW…As you all know I work part time for John and we are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure everyone who orders an AF101 gets the usual gold star service you have come to expect from H Preston Medi